Run, Asimo!

asimo run
I have been under the conviction that Honda's Asimo was really more of a PR scheme than anything else. Yes, Asimo is one pretty spectacular robot, and Honda has obviously put a lot of time into him, but really ... what is he good for besides kicking a ball around and shaking someone's hand?
Well, Honda is going in the right direction (as usual), and they have updated their cute little robot friend. Now, Asimo can RUN!
This new model not only runs, but it also is ridiculously cool looking. Real cutting edge, spacey kind of design. I love it.

asimo shake
Honda has posted some very impressive videos of Asimo in action. The updated version has (a) recognition of moving objects, (b) posture recognition, (c) sound recognition, (d) enviroment recognition, (e) gesture recognition, and (f) face recognition capabilities ...
If only I could have one of my own ...
Read up on some more specifics here.