The Kaiser Chiefs

i predict a riot
Leeds' newest band, the Kaiser Chiefs is a breath of fresh air (for me especially) from the [dead] "let's all copy Coldplay trend" that the Brits have had to endure for the past couple of years.
(Yes, of course there have been exceptions ... the Libertines certainly did not copy Coldplay or Radiohead ... )
Although the Kaiser Chiefs have only released 2 singles, they have been getting quite a large fan base in England, and have been performing a number of shows on the island. The Chiefs combine harsh guitars and angular drums with a post punk mentality and the more recent dance-punk movement of NYC (with nice thick Leeds accents on top!)
Some of their songs (I can onyl find 5) sound almost 60s psych-pop-ish, so creativity and variety are obviously traits something that they do not lack.

From what I have read on their news page and other sources, the Chiefs will be releasing their debut album in March. I really enjoy the song, I Predict A Riot, which can be heard here.
Not only are the band members quite excellent musicians, but two of them co-own a club called Pigs!