Run Chico Run

run chico run
I have found my new favorite band, and they are called Run Chico Run.
The one thing that I feel sad about, however, is that I didn't find these guys until now, but what is past is past, and there is nothing I can do about it now ...
Anyway, Run Chico Run is the greatest thing ever beause they totally appeal to the setimental and nostalgic side of me. I love listening to their music because it makes me feel good instead of just simply being incredibly well played and written.
I am sure that they will hate my saying this, but Run Chico Run reminds me of the Unicorns because of this quality. They use the imperfection of their music to their advantage and make such terribly beutiful music, that I cannot stop listening to it.
It's that good.

I want their CD. I will buy it today. I want 5000000 copies of their CD so that they can be rich for their whole life and make me more music.
I hope this post makes all my readers go and buy their CD, and I hope it makes Run Chico Run love me.
Why do Canadians do it best?