Soichi Aoki

shoichi aoki
I just returned from Toronto, and I had good time there. The Beguiling was all I expected and more, but one of the coolest (and unexpected) things I did was see No Kimono's Shoichi Aoki art show. It was pretty impressive, aside from the fact that I had already kind of seen Shoichi Aoki's work in his famous magazine, Fruits.

For those of you who do not know what Fruits was (and believe me, I am no expert either), it was basically a really strange magazine started in 1994 that documented the trends of Tokyo's youth and how looney they all were ... I think he stopped it in 2000 ...

shoichi aoki
It was exciting to see big pictures of his stuff, and for it to be in a very unique gallery. Although I already had the Fruits book, I was quite tempted to buy one of the No Kimono T-shirts, but did not give into my urge ...

Each portrait in this, Aoki’s first showing in Canada, is accompanied by descriptions of the outfit’s provenance and desired effect; style tribes include black-clad, pierced gothic Lolitas sporting ringlets, straw hats and pinafores.