In my opinion, Jamie Hernandez was (and still is to an extent) one of the greatest comic creators of the 80s and 90s, in fact, he may have been the best for overall achievement and consistancy of high grade work.
He recently released a huge hard bound book called Locas which contains all of the stories he wrote and drew involving my two favorite characters of his, Maggie and Hopie.
There are eseveral reasons for why I think that Love and Rockets was one of the greatest comics of all time. First off, they had excellent pacing and construction. Although the first few issues were almost completely narrative, the two Hernandez brothers (yes, sometimes the third one, Mario, would write/draw something ... ) eventually grew out of the more simplistically-based narration technique and moved to an almost completely dialogue driven story telling method. For this alone they deserve a tremendous amount of credit (especially Jamie, AKA Xamie).

Secondly, the Maggie and Hopie comics were the best overall because they were so centralized in plot. They were so realistic and so fantastically laid out and drawn. I love the stories because they focued on things that interest me like New Wave/Punk music of the 80s and all the things that came hand in hand with the movement. Also, the two women had such a great relationship. I, as the reader, really got the sense of love in the comics. That both characters really cared for each other.
In addition to all of that, I liked how the characters were incredibly dynamic. They were always chaning, which usually meant they were maturing. Although I liked the skinnier Maggie more, I understood the fatter one better.
It is almost too difficult to put into words how fantasitc a comic series Love and Rockets was, so I definately advise everyone to go and buy the book immediately. It is 710 pages and $50.