Fiery Furnaces EP

The Fiery Furnaces, the NYC brother-sister weird, avant garde blues duo, are going to release an EP (called EP) on January 11. I liked the FF, so I am looking forward to the release of this CD, containing b-sides and unreleased cuts from their last LP, Blueberry Boat. Sounds like it could be good!

01 Single Again
02 Here Comes the Summer
03 Evergreen
04 Sing for Me
05 Tropical Ice-Land
06 Duffer St. George
07 Smelling Cigarettes
08 Cousin Chris
09 Sweet Spots
10 Sullivans Social Club

I was incredibly surprised to see the range in critical opinion concerning Blueberry Boat. People like Pitchfork absolutely idolized the album, while others, like Spin (but who really listens to them anyway?) absolutely hated the thing. I personally found it to be too experiemental for me to listen to the whole thing in one sitting, but I did enjoy it, and I did end up buying it.
As a side note, I have heard rumors that the new EP will contain tracks that the FF recorded with their grandmother! Now, how many grandparents would do that kind of thing with their grandchildren?
I'm excited.