Star Clipper

star clipper
While I was in St. Louis for a couple of days, I decided to take make another comic-book trip, this time to the local college-town store, Star Clipper. Now, both Toronto's The Beguiling and Star Clipper were created in 1987, but both have taken different routes to success. Star Clipper recently moved from a little hole-in-the-wall (ironically next to a hair salon!) to "the Loop" of St. Louis -- a big move indeed. Star Clipper is, by far, the highest end comic-book store I've ever seen. Not only do they have a very spacious store, but they have also abondoned the normal comic-book boxes for lavish display cases, an HD TV, and 2 or 3 iMacs! Also, they seem to be the only comic-book store that actually uses bar codes and bar code scanners, and they even have a door detector to make sure that you aren't stealing something from them!

I did not really discuss the state that The Beguiling was in when I saw it for the first time, but I was equally surprised. The Beguiling is 2 (maybe 3) floors of absolutely packed townhouse, also in college-town. I assume that the place is organized, but because of the sheer number of comics in the store, the amount of organization is negligible.
Lastly, the part you've all been waiting for ...
I bought:
1. The Germs (a short mini-comic about the band)
2. Or Else #1 (I used to trade mini-comics with this guy)
3. Dogs and Water (I also used to trade with this guy ... )
4. other things I am forgetting and have not unpacked